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DA FORM 638, RECOMMENDATION FOR AWARD FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS On 20 November 2006, the Military Awards Branch will discontinue use of this generic e-mail address for active duty and reserve component
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How to fill out army pubs?

Start by gathering all the necessary information and documents required for the publication.
Carefully read the instructions and guidelines provided for filling out the army pubs.
Fill in the required fields and sections of the pubs accurately, ensuring all information is correct and up-to-date.
Double-check the completed publication for any errors or missing information, and make necessary corrections.
Review the entire document again before submission to ensure it meets all the required criteria and standards.

Who needs army pubs?

Army personnel and units who are responsible for creating, updating, and distributing official publications within the army.
Training establishments and educational institutions that use army pubs as reference material for their courses and programs.
Civilian contractors and organizations working closely with the army, who may require access to army pubs for compliance or informational purposes.

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People Also Ask about army pubs

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Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Army Pubs is a term commonly used to refer to the U.S. Army Publishing Directorate (APD) website, which is the official source for all U.S. Army doctrine publications, training manuals, regulations, field manuals, and administrative publications. It serves as a central repository for all official Army publications, allowing Army personnel and the general public to access and download the latest documents related to Army operations, procedures, and policies.
The United States Army is responsible for filing Army Publications (AR Pubs). These publications are created by various departments and agencies within the Army and are used to provide guidance, policies, procedures, and other information to Army personnel. The responsibility for filing these publications lies with the relevant department or agency within the Army that has created them.
Army Pubs, also known as Army Publishing Directorate (APD), is the official online repository for U.S. Army doctrinal, training, and regulatory publications. Its purpose is to provide a centralized location for the distribution and access to official Army publications to support military training, operations, and the overall functioning of the Army. The publications available on Army Pubs cover various topics such as tactics, techniques, procedures, regulations, field manuals, training manuals, and other important documents required by Army personnel to carry out their duties effectively and efficiently.
Army Pubs, also known as Army Publishing Directorate (APD), is responsible for the official publication of Army regulations, field manuals, technical manuals, and other official Army documents. The information that must be reported on Army Pubs can vary depending on the document or publication being published. However, some common information that is typically included in Army Pubs are: 1. Title: The official title of the document or publication. 2. Identification Number: The unique identification number assigned to the document. 3. Effective Date: The date from which the document is considered to be in effect. 4. Scope: A description of the purpose, background, and targeted audience of the document. 5. Applicability: Information about who the document applies to, including units, personnel, or organizations. 6. References: A list of other publications or regulations that are referenced or cited within the document. 7. Responsibilities: Information regarding the responsibility of individuals or organizations related to the topics covered in the document. 8. Procedures: Detailed instructions or guidelines on how to carry out specific actions or tasks. 9. Authority: The legal or regulatory basis for the document. 10. Exceptions: Information about any exceptions or waivers that may be granted, if applicable. 11. Glossary of Terms: Definitions of important terms or acronyms used in the document. 12. Appendices or Attachments: Additional information, forms, or charts that are necessary to support the content of the document. These are some general categories of information that are commonly found in Army Publications. However, the specific content and structure can vary depending on the type and purpose of the document being published. It is advised to refer to the specific publication or regulation for more detailed information.
The penalty for the late filing of Army Publications (AR Pubs) may vary depending on the specific circumstances and the policies of the U.S. Army. Generally, the consequences of late filing can range from administrative actions to potential legal ramifications. These penalties may include: 1. Administrative Actions: The responsible person or organization may receive a warning, reprimand, or counseling statement for failing to meet the deadline. This can affect their performance evaluations and career progression. 2. Delayed Implementation: Late filing of AR Pubs may result in delayed implementation of new policies, procedures, or regulations, which can impact the efficiency and effectiveness of Army operations. 3. Loss of Privileges: Depending on the severity and frequency of late filing, individuals or organizations may lose certain privileges or responsibilities related to the publication process. 4. Legal Consequences: In more serious cases, the late filing of AR Pubs can have legal consequences, particularly if it leads to serious operational or administrative failures, compromises security, or violates laws or regulations. It is essential to check the specific regulations, policies, and guidelines outlined by the Army Publication Directorate or the responsible authorities for accurate and up-to-date information regarding penalties for late filing.
Filling out Army publications, commonly known as Army pubs, involves following specific guidelines and formats. Here is a general step-by-step guide to filling out Army pubs: 1. Gather the necessary information: Ensure you have all the relevant details required to complete the form, such as personal information, organization details, and specific details related to the purpose of the form. 2. Understand the form: Read the instructions or guidance provided on the form. Familiarize yourself with the purpose of the form, what information is required in each section, and any specific formatting instructions. 3. Start with the header section: Fill out the header section, which typically includes personal information like name, rank, file number, contact details, and the purpose of the form. 4. Follow the given format: Army pubs often have specific sections or fields for various types of information. Ensure you complete each section accurately and in the designated areas. Some publications also have specific formatting requirements, such as using uppercase letters or specific date formats. Follow these instructions carefully. 5. Provide required information: Fill in the required information as requested on the form. This may include administrative details, explanations, recommendations, or other relevant information. Be sure to address each section accurately and completely. 6. Double-check for accuracy: Review your completed form for any errors or omissions. Ensure all information provided is accurate and complete. Double-check names, dates, and other crucial details. 7. Seek assistance if needed: If you have any questions or are unsure about certain sections of the form, seek assistance from your supervisor, unit administrator, or experienced colleagues. They can guide you through the process and provide clarification. 8. Sign and date: Once you have completed all the necessary sections, sign and date the form as required. Follow any additional instructions related to authorizations or signatures. 9. Make copies if needed: If instructed or if you require copies for your records, make copies of the completed form before submitting it. 10. Submit the form: Submit the filled-out form through the appropriate channels as instructed in the publication. This may include submitting it to your chain of command, administrative personnel, or specific departments depending on the purpose of the form. Remember, Army pubs may have specific variations or additional steps based on their particular purpose or requirements. Always carefully read and follow the instructions provided with the form to ensure accurate completion.
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